Friday, April 15, 2011


I really thought I posted last night! I mean I KNOW i posted last night! I mean my computer started going all haywire when I went to post it but I mean it went to the this post has been succesfully uploaded page but its not even there anymore! Now to try and remember what i posted.... My brain is so scattered anymore.

We still havnt found Logan. All though me and Jade did have a look at her computers history. (she should clean it and defrag it more often just sayin) but shes been looking into the slenderman stuff for about as long as I have. I feel responsible. What if I said something in passing and she decieded to look it up. I caused her to be this way.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Logan has gone missing Jade seems to think that we have another person on our crew like Logan and they are aiding her. Me and Jade are going to BCSP sometime this week prob friday night because I have a lot to research before we go out. Mainly on my past, talk to everybody later

Monday, April 11, 2011

the trip

So I absolutly loved hill view. It was a gorgeous old building with so many rooms and places to investigate. I needed about 3 more hours to do it though because theres a lot i didnt get to do but wish I could and that is because of what had happaned.

We were split into four groups, Neo, Summer, Dawn and I all had our own crews. I had my crew up on the second floor when allison (shes a 70 year old lady who is a sensitive is how she puts it shes a little odd but none the less) said she had to use the restroom. So Jeff said he would help her down leaving me all alone. So I decied to go on a walk. It was pitch dark and Jeff had taken my flashlight. I hear something move in the room ahead of me so i walk into it and Im tackeled to the ground. While down the person got ontop of me and started pounding me where ever they could hit. Finally I grab the arm thats beating me and twist my hips so that we roll over and now im on top. I pin the arm I have down and wrestle for the second one. When I feel something cool slice open my cheek. Before the hand could pull away I grab it and pin it down.
"Who the fuck are you?!"
all the body did under me is laugh.
I hear the door open for the stairway and start screaming for Jeff who came running toward me with the light. He peeks in the door and says "Elizabeth what the heck are you doing screa..... holy shit what happaned between you two?" I look down and notice the body is Logan. I asked Jeff if he had some rope or something to tie up Logans arms.
"Why? Do you need rope? your not really going to tie her up are you?"
"jeff listen ill explain everything later but right now we need to make sure she is tied up so she cant hurt anyone else. We also need to see if she hurt any of the others, before she found me. Please just help me."
Knowing that I never ask for help, and prob the scared look in my eye he decieded to help me out. He tied her wrists up and we pick her up.
"what are we going to do with her?" Jeff asks
"uhm im not really sure what we can do how much longer do we have in here?"
"2 in a half hours"
"We are just going to have to put her somewhere that we can go check on her all the time or just keep her with us"
Jeff offered to stay with her while I went around looking for everyone else. I found Dawns group first and everybody was fine. Then Neo's group, which had jade in it. Thankful to find somebody who knows whats going on I ask her to tag along with me. On our way to find the last group I told her what had happaned.
"dude what are we going to do? Are you sure it was Logan?"
"yea im absoulutly positive, I mean its logan but its not. she looks different and I could tell she was different herself wait to you see her"
When we turned the corner we found Summers group everybody was ok in that one. Summer was the only one to notice that I had a scratch on my face. I told her I would tell her about it later and we went on our way.
But other than that the night was pretty awesome I borught Logan back and shes staying in the spare bedroom at my house. DOES ANYBODY OUT THERE HAVE ANY ADVICE OR KNOWS WHAT TO DO IN THIS SITUATION? any chance she gets she trys to harm me or escape its getting just tiresome dealing with her

Oh crap oh crap

More to come on this story tomorrow some shit hit the fan at hill view! I dont have enough time to write on here at the moment.

Friday, April 8, 2011

whenwillsheputTW(x)andTW(x)together? shew(x)ntIamallp(x)werfullshellSEE

I should be in bed

Really I should I have to wake up tomorrow and triple check that I have everything I need, than head to Summers and load up what she cant fit in her car. Because tomorrow we head to HILL VIEW MANOR! what what. Im super excited about that. 12 hours of ghost busting in an old hospital no outside trees! (except for when we go to the cemetery and the old bombshelter but none the less) super excited!

Update on Logan I will see her tomorrow when we get to HILL VIEW MANOR! Than I will see what I can do from there.

Jade is riding up with me so we are going to discuss what we will be doing next week down at the williams house. When I know more so will you.

Other than that I guess I should try to get to sleep hopefully no nightmares tonight!

Thursday, April 7, 2011


Just when I think its getting better I have another cursed nightmare! I cant shake the feelings away when I have them either I feel like a walking zombie. I cant seem to get rid of these dark circles under my eyes and the tickle in my throat. Its so uncomfortable. Im overworked in school seeing as we have 2more weeks of classes and 1 week of finals so im busy trying to work on a thousand papers and studying on top of all of this. Sorry Im ranting.

Anyways Jades been doing those journals and ive been meaning to get with her to get those off of her but again im busy. We are getting ready to go to hillview manor as a ghost hunting crew which hopefully will be awesome. We will be in an old building ghost hunting for like 12hours sweetness! Im worried tho cant help it im a worry wort.

I hope Logan stays in Virginia she is now resorted to sending me creepy text messages and its pissing me off. But she comes home tomorrow and will be going with us to hillview hopefully I dont strangle her.

Monday, April 4, 2011

jades journal entry

march 30th 2011 (2:30pm)

Holy shit! I just saw Him in the day light! From everything I have heard I should of known that I COULD see Him in the daylight but, I liked thinking of daylight as being a safe haven. I mean the dark is where all the scary creepy shit happens. I mean its not like anything happaned I just pulled into work and happaned to look across the road and in the tree lines there he was chillin. I cant help to be shaken by it though, im not going to give It the satisfaction. Anyways, Logan is really acting weird. Shes being a mega bitch all the time and just gives me the heebie jeebies when im near her. Thank God she left for vacation, one more day and I prob would of knocked her lights out! Im working on a plan for me and Elizabeth to go and investigate the Williams house, shes being very hesatent. I can tell the thought terrifys her to be there from all her nightmares and shit but we must all face our fears. It will only help us understand the situation a little bit better. Ill write more later but right now I have to clock in!

Sunday, April 3, 2011


Summer, Neo, Jeff and I all went on a road trip to erie PA to get my new car! whoop whoop! It was nice to get away from this town for awhile. It took almost 3hours to get there than to drive my new car back home it was awesome! I would love to just go out and do that again.

Other news I think me and Jade might go down to the williams house this week to do some investigations and what not to try and get to talk to Him on a recorder or something. Let you know more about that

Although He's not gone there are less sightings now of Him and now im just curious like I originally wanted to be, with the whole situation. So thats awesome. I also have a journal enry of Jades to add on here just to keep you updated on her.

Logan was a complete bitch before she left for VA and her fb status's are just plain weird, while shes there. UGH hopefully she starts to get better before she comes back home im tired of dealing with that.

Everything is a okay in my world right now :)