Sunday, April 3, 2011


Summer, Neo, Jeff and I all went on a road trip to erie PA to get my new car! whoop whoop! It was nice to get away from this town for awhile. It took almost 3hours to get there than to drive my new car back home it was awesome! I would love to just go out and do that again.

Other news I think me and Jade might go down to the williams house this week to do some investigations and what not to try and get to talk to Him on a recorder or something. Let you know more about that

Although He's not gone there are less sightings now of Him and now im just curious like I originally wanted to be, with the whole situation. So thats awesome. I also have a journal enry of Jades to add on here just to keep you updated on her.

Logan was a complete bitch before she left for VA and her fb status's are just plain weird, while shes there. UGH hopefully she starts to get better before she comes back home im tired of dealing with that.

Everything is a okay in my world right now :)


  1. Weird...?

    Weird how?

    ~ Branwen

  2. I dunno it just leaves a bitter taste in my mouth.
    Heres a strange one she doesnt listen to My chem what so ever and one of her status was "give him blood blood gallens of the stuff. give him all that he can drink and it will never be enough"
    And a lot about causing harm to people when she got home and she couldnt wait. Its not like her at all to be violent and what not thats why i dont like it and consider it weird. Its making me uneasy