Thursday, April 7, 2011


Just when I think its getting better I have another cursed nightmare! I cant shake the feelings away when I have them either I feel like a walking zombie. I cant seem to get rid of these dark circles under my eyes and the tickle in my throat. Its so uncomfortable. Im overworked in school seeing as we have 2more weeks of classes and 1 week of finals so im busy trying to work on a thousand papers and studying on top of all of this. Sorry Im ranting.

Anyways Jades been doing those journals and ive been meaning to get with her to get those off of her but again im busy. We are getting ready to go to hillview manor as a ghost hunting crew which hopefully will be awesome. We will be in an old building ghost hunting for like 12hours sweetness! Im worried tho cant help it im a worry wort.

I hope Logan stays in Virginia she is now resorted to sending me creepy text messages and its pissing me off. But she comes home tomorrow and will be going with us to hillview hopefully I dont strangle her.


  1. Listen.

    It sounds like your friend Logan is being Hallowed.
    What have you.

    She's in trouble. He's trying to take her. Or It's trying to take her.

    Ignore the pronouns. Irrelevant.

    You need to get her. If not now, then as soon as she comes back. Keep her with you.

    ~ Branwen

  2. Oh! Oh, that makes sense ok. I hope im not too late