Monday, April 4, 2011

jades journal entry

march 30th 2011 (2:30pm)

Holy shit! I just saw Him in the day light! From everything I have heard I should of known that I COULD see Him in the daylight but, I liked thinking of daylight as being a safe haven. I mean the dark is where all the scary creepy shit happens. I mean its not like anything happaned I just pulled into work and happaned to look across the road and in the tree lines there he was chillin. I cant help to be shaken by it though, im not going to give It the satisfaction. Anyways, Logan is really acting weird. Shes being a mega bitch all the time and just gives me the heebie jeebies when im near her. Thank God she left for vacation, one more day and I prob would of knocked her lights out! Im working on a plan for me and Elizabeth to go and investigate the Williams house, shes being very hesatent. I can tell the thought terrifys her to be there from all her nightmares and shit but we must all face our fears. It will only help us understand the situation a little bit better. Ill write more later but right now I have to clock in!

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