Monday, February 28, 2011


So Ive been looking into this slender man sensation for awhile now. I had heard some people on my facebook page talk about marble hornets and being the curious cat that I am decieded to look into it. So I started watching the clips and I wont lie, they freaked me out a bit. So I figured why not ask Summer if she has heard anything on the slenderman. Boy was that a mistake. She never heard of slenderman but when I told her about what I knew, she than preceeded to freak out on me. Telling me that as ghost hunters we shouldnt watch things like that that would "impare our judgment" while out on the field. She just blew up about it, and told me to stop looking up stupid things like that. But again im curious, if its just a myth than I think it would go under our crypto department. So im not going to stop looking it up im just going to do it where she cant see. Thats why I started this blog. I called it Music of the night because, of EVP's. Also because we have this piece of equipment called the ghost box. Its a basic radio with a small wire adjustment that lets it scan through the radio stations non stop with white noise in the back ground. Sometimes its easier to pick up EVP's that way. Thus the reason its called Music of the night. (also I love music and just bust out into song at any given moment). So there's that


Ive been busy reading up on everyones blogs this past weekend. While also going on a mini adventure! Whoop whoop.

Summer and I decieded that since we've been stuck cooped up for a whole week, that this weekend we would go on our own mini adventure. So we laced our boots up, grabbed some basic equipment (recorder, camera, and night vision camera) and went walking in the woods behind Summer's house. We walked to what is called the Turkey look out and saw clear to Grimms bridge! It was beautiful! I was experimenting with the night vision camera and took this awesome picture
It looks like a portal but really its the sun in night vision. I think this is by far the coolest picture I have ever taken with the night vision camera! The trees make it look even more spectaculalry creepy. We did do one EVP by this old house foundation. We didnt get much, there was only one thing a little odd, on the recorder i was holding, it started freaking out a bit. But I think it was because I forgot to turn my cell phone off. Making it sound a little distorted my fault.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Some tips

Here are some ghost busting tips for all you who want to ghost bust.

First of all always make sure that you have permission for wherever you are investigating. You dont want to be in the middle of an investigation and the cops come and bust you for trespassing. Not fun.

Always be respectful. Dont try to provoke the ghosts thats not the way you are going to get what you want. I think of it like this, if your doing an interview with someone your not going to be rude to them to get answers. Because they wont want to corporate with you.

Take a thousand pictures. You never know when something will pop up in a picture, and you want to make sure you have proof that you took a picture in that area and got nothing then the very next picture of the same thing you did happen to catch something. Than people might believe you a little bit more.

If you are getting EVP and not anything in pictures dont fret. We have found that if you are getting one you cant get the other its just how the entity wants to show its self to you.

Do your history on the place before you investigate. It gives you kinda of a base on what to listen for and what kind of questions to ask.

Dont base ghost hunting off of what you watch in movies, ghost hutnting is honestly boring in a way. You rarley get to see something move by itself, when you do it is very slowly and half the time you wont even notice it. Ghost in movies are more "hollywood" so that it gets people to watch their movies.

Thats all ive got for you now. Have fun, be respectful, and dont be afraid.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


This is my first time using a blog so bear with me.

My name is Elizabeth, I hate it when people shorten their names, so please refrain from calling me lizzy, beth, Eli or whatever. It just bothers me. Anyways, I am an avid ghost hunter like it says in my about me. Which means if im not ghost hunting im thinking about the next time I will be ghost hunting. It's basically an addiction now.
My ghost hunting crew hasnt really came up with a name yet, actually we keep throwing names around back and forth but nothing really has stuck yet. We have more girls in our crew than guys, which is strange because ghost hunting seems to be more of a guy thing. But never the less some of our crew members;

Summer- she is the leader of our group, shes been ghost hunting for like 8 years now. So she's basically the one with the most knowledge on our crew. Although you cant know everything about ghost hunting its just theory

Jeff- is Summers husband hes basically there for security, his favorite thing is slim jims and being all out goofy

Neo- Is Summer's son he is second in command and takes pictures and runs evp. He's also pretty goofy

Dawn- Is Neo's girlyfriend. She is lead of cryptozoology but mainly Bigfoot is her thing. She has been looking for bigfoot for several years now and even has the bigfoot call down pact.

Emily- says "I succeed in being awesomly amazing" but she is also one of the psychic's on the crew.

Logan- says "I can be very passionate about things, but really could care less about most things" She's one of our jokesters, and helps in our cryptozoology department. She is also one of our photographers

Jade -says " id say im ridiculiously awesome" is new to our crew she just started at the end of October, but she is great with taken pics while out in the field as well

Honestly our group is a bunch of goofy people who like to go out have fun, and also very seriosly look for ghost's and evidence that ghosts are out there.

If you have any questions please feel free to ask away.