Friday, February 25, 2011

Some tips

Here are some ghost busting tips for all you who want to ghost bust.

First of all always make sure that you have permission for wherever you are investigating. You dont want to be in the middle of an investigation and the cops come and bust you for trespassing. Not fun.

Always be respectful. Dont try to provoke the ghosts thats not the way you are going to get what you want. I think of it like this, if your doing an interview with someone your not going to be rude to them to get answers. Because they wont want to corporate with you.

Take a thousand pictures. You never know when something will pop up in a picture, and you want to make sure you have proof that you took a picture in that area and got nothing then the very next picture of the same thing you did happen to catch something. Than people might believe you a little bit more.

If you are getting EVP and not anything in pictures dont fret. We have found that if you are getting one you cant get the other its just how the entity wants to show its self to you.

Do your history on the place before you investigate. It gives you kinda of a base on what to listen for and what kind of questions to ask.

Dont base ghost hunting off of what you watch in movies, ghost hutnting is honestly boring in a way. You rarley get to see something move by itself, when you do it is very slowly and half the time you wont even notice it. Ghost in movies are more "hollywood" so that it gets people to watch their movies.

Thats all ive got for you now. Have fun, be respectful, and dont be afraid.


  1. Heh...trespassing.

    We did that once on a Gretchen's Lock hunt. Just to be silly.

    We thought the cops were coming. We killed all the lights. My sister and I ran for the side of the inn for more cover.

    ...only to forget there was an eight foot trench right next to it.

    No injuries though. It was pretty hilarious.

    ~ Branwen

  2. Ah gretchens one of my favorite places to go!

    Thats where ohio has a lot of its bigfoot sightings actually.

    Glad no one was hurt! Did you guys happen to hear any intreasting things while down there?

  3. Heh, no. Just a bunch of drunk rednecks that we tried to scare.

    ~ Branwen