Monday, February 28, 2011


So Ive been looking into this slender man sensation for awhile now. I had heard some people on my facebook page talk about marble hornets and being the curious cat that I am decieded to look into it. So I started watching the clips and I wont lie, they freaked me out a bit. So I figured why not ask Summer if she has heard anything on the slenderman. Boy was that a mistake. She never heard of slenderman but when I told her about what I knew, she than preceeded to freak out on me. Telling me that as ghost hunters we shouldnt watch things like that that would "impare our judgment" while out on the field. She just blew up about it, and told me to stop looking up stupid things like that. But again im curious, if its just a myth than I think it would go under our crypto department. So im not going to stop looking it up im just going to do it where she cant see. Thats why I started this blog. I called it Music of the night because, of EVP's. Also because we have this piece of equipment called the ghost box. Its a basic radio with a small wire adjustment that lets it scan through the radio stations non stop with white noise in the back ground. Sometimes its easier to pick up EVP's that way. Thus the reason its called Music of the night. (also I love music and just bust out into song at any given moment). So there's that


  1. ...I'd keep an eye on Summer. It's probably true that she's never heard of it, but the outburst makes me suspicious.

    And if you're deciding to delve further into this, keep your eyes open.
    I don't I think I can dissuade you from reading more about Him...

    If you run into trouble, let us know. We don't seem to be too far away from each other.

    ~ Branwen

  2. I was thinking the same thing about Summer, im wondering if it has to do with something with her past maybe? I dunno its hard to find out when she wont talk about it.

    Im not asking any one else in the crew what they think at this point. Dont want Summer to get mad at me and if this slender man thing is real i dont want to involve them.