Monday, February 28, 2011


Ive been busy reading up on everyones blogs this past weekend. While also going on a mini adventure! Whoop whoop.

Summer and I decieded that since we've been stuck cooped up for a whole week, that this weekend we would go on our own mini adventure. So we laced our boots up, grabbed some basic equipment (recorder, camera, and night vision camera) and went walking in the woods behind Summer's house. We walked to what is called the Turkey look out and saw clear to Grimms bridge! It was beautiful! I was experimenting with the night vision camera and took this awesome picture
It looks like a portal but really its the sun in night vision. I think this is by far the coolest picture I have ever taken with the night vision camera! The trees make it look even more spectaculalry creepy. We did do one EVP by this old house foundation. We didnt get much, there was only one thing a little odd, on the recorder i was holding, it started freaking out a bit. But I think it was because I forgot to turn my cell phone off. Making it sound a little distorted my fault.

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  1. ...that is awesome.

    It looks like someone dropped blue food coloring into a liquid sky...

    ~ Branwen