Wednesday, February 23, 2011


This is my first time using a blog so bear with me.

My name is Elizabeth, I hate it when people shorten their names, so please refrain from calling me lizzy, beth, Eli or whatever. It just bothers me. Anyways, I am an avid ghost hunter like it says in my about me. Which means if im not ghost hunting im thinking about the next time I will be ghost hunting. It's basically an addiction now.
My ghost hunting crew hasnt really came up with a name yet, actually we keep throwing names around back and forth but nothing really has stuck yet. We have more girls in our crew than guys, which is strange because ghost hunting seems to be more of a guy thing. But never the less some of our crew members;

Summer- she is the leader of our group, shes been ghost hunting for like 8 years now. So she's basically the one with the most knowledge on our crew. Although you cant know everything about ghost hunting its just theory

Jeff- is Summers husband hes basically there for security, his favorite thing is slim jims and being all out goofy

Neo- Is Summer's son he is second in command and takes pictures and runs evp. He's also pretty goofy

Dawn- Is Neo's girlyfriend. She is lead of cryptozoology but mainly Bigfoot is her thing. She has been looking for bigfoot for several years now and even has the bigfoot call down pact.

Emily- says "I succeed in being awesomly amazing" but she is also one of the psychic's on the crew.

Logan- says "I can be very passionate about things, but really could care less about most things" She's one of our jokesters, and helps in our cryptozoology department. She is also one of our photographers

Jade -says " id say im ridiculiously awesome" is new to our crew she just started at the end of October, but she is great with taken pics while out in the field as well

Honestly our group is a bunch of goofy people who like to go out have fun, and also very seriosly look for ghost's and evidence that ghosts are out there.

If you have any questions please feel free to ask away.


  1. Why hello there, Elizabeth. Quite a crew you've got there. Wow.

    So what's a ghost hunting crew doing following the blog of the Hunted? You know, out of curiosity.

    I don't want you to delve too deep into my mess.

    You seem like a nice girl.

    ~ Branwen

  2. Thanks for following Branwen! They are quiet a goofy crew ill give em that much.

    Im just trying to get into a bunch of intresting paranormal things see differnt legends and what not to see what we can investigate. Besides whats to be afraid of im a ghost hunter i practiculy live to find the scary things that go bump in the night.

    If you have any more problems and would like us to investigate get ahold of me on here. We can see what we can do!

    Hope to talk to you again


  3. Alrighty then.

    But a fair warning, don't get in over your head in this mess of mine and others.

    ...I really don't want to see something happen to you or your friends. :(

    And if anything does, well, send us a line. You're in Ohio? Maybe we could meet up sometime...that'd be interesting.

    ~ Branwen

  4. Ill try not to I just started reading the blogs I have followed and than others, it seems that there is a trend there. I would love to do some experiments with some of the things you all seem to be dealing with...

    Thank you for being concernd for me and my friends we send the same to you. Be careful out there but remember spirits cant harm you.

    I am in Ohio, doing the history of the small town we live in. Like I said were up for investigating anytime anywhere.