Monday, March 28, 2011

catching up

So staying at Summer's was ok. She has 3 dogs outside and 4 inside and according to Branwen, dogs seem to keep slenderman and things away which I truly believe because not once did anything bother me while I was at Summer's. Although I was pretty sick the first 2 days but I think maybe I was kinda "flushing" all of that stuff out of my system. I dunno. Or I was just plain sick.

Anyways I called Jade and told her what had happaned. she is starting to record things that are going on with her in a journal. (Thanks to branwen) to see if anything weird starts to happen to her. So far nothing too weird.

Something else Logan is starting to act weird. Im hoping when she comes back from her trip to VA she will be in a far better mood. I hope so she has been in such a bitchy mood. That is the only way I can really describe it.

Now to the real story. Finally Summer and me had a discussion about whatever has been going on.

Summer: "Ok what is going on with you Elizabeth, and dont pull that im just really tired bull shit. Im not falling for it. I know something else is bothering you so fess up"

me: "I told you that im just stressed and tired"

"Theres something bigger than that I can feel it. You know you can talk to me"

"Well if I say anything you have to promise me that you will let me talk, and you will not get upset with me and let me finish."

"ok, I promise"

So I told her everything that has been going on and to my surprise I got this back from her.

"Well let me ask you this what do you remember of your child hood?"

That got me really thinking. I know this  is going to sound crazy but I dont remember my whole first grade year. In fact up until recently I always thought I just skipped first grade, until I asked my mom last year about it.

*after a couple of minutes "Anything odd that sticks out to you kiddo?"

"How would you know anything about my past? I just met you last year?"

"Not true, when you were in first grade I used to watch you from when you got out of school up until bed time. Your parents both had full time jobs and wernt home during that time. So they hired me to pick you up off the bus and watch you. You had an imaginary friend than and I figured it was normal for your age and situation. I would take you to the playground and you would play for hours talking to this imaginary friend. But things started to get weird. You had these.....burns? on your wrists. And you would say 'thats where He grabbed me to play ring a round the rosies he didnt mean it'. You started to draw terrible scary pictures with a tall man in them and saying it was your imaginary friend. Somedays you were a sweet innocent little girl and other days it was you wernt even there. You were blank and you would just sit there and stare off into nothing. Your parents started to take you to a child therapist, and he thought it best if you got away from everything from that time. So that's when you guys moved back to Virginia. Your doctor told me that not having contact with you would be the best for your health. I tried to get in touch with your parents to see how you were holding up and to see if I could help. But your father wrote me back a very nasty letter saying things were better in your life since I was out of it and that they suspected me of foul play."

"so....I mean.........wait if you were my baby sitter than how come I dont remember you? Why arnt you in any of my pictures as a little kid?"

"Well you cant even remember anything from that year so I doubt you would remember me. But there is something in you that remembers me. That is why we hit it off so easily when we 'first met' last year. We've already had that connection. There are no pictures because your family was going to throw all the ones out of me and you but I begged them to give them to me. They obliged but a month later my house cought on fire and I lost everything."

"well, how did I get rid of him the first time? As a child? Do you know?"

"ah that im not really sure of. I have my guesses. I believe you were put on some kind of medication. Wern't you going to a therapist up until a couple of months ago?"

"no actually, I lost my health insurance about a year and a half ago."

"hmm intreasting. Well I promise you kiddo that we will figure this all out this time. I wont leave you we will figure this out together."

this deff puts in intresting twist to everything. I mean wow I still really dont know what to think about any of this.

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