Thursday, March 24, 2011

Story time

So last week, I had one of those black out experiences. Thats why I felt so lost. I feel kind of week to say anything about it, but hey I had a lot on my mind with drama and I was emotionally drained all the way around. Which I think made me more suspectible to the whole slendy mind screwing.
Anywho,my terrible nightmare first. Im in an old village and I can hear children playing with jump ropes and things. When all of a sudden it gets eerily quit so I walk around the village trying to see why it got so quiet so im walking and I see a little blonde hair girl in a pink and white dress with her back to me and as I walk closer I notice shes just staring straight ahead. So i look in the general direction she was staring and when I see its Him shes staring at she starts screaming and screaming. And one of his tentical things reach out and grab the little girl and pulls her away. And they disappear and I wake up screaming like the little girl. It freaks me out. Like I know that little girl. I dunno why it freaks me out so much but it does.

So Im sitting in class  today after one of the nightmares and im tired. And im thinking about the drama that my life has turned. (I dont want to get into that because it has nothing to deal with slendy but It does make me very upset and i think about it constantly) Anywho, so im sitting there listing to the teacher drone on and on when I "come to" around sunset time in the pioner village. Im just laying in the garden by the williams house. Compeltly freaked. I call Summer for a ride home because I really have no idea who else to call or how I even got there because HELLO I do not own a car anymore! So needless to say the whole way back to Summers shes asking me what the hell happaned. I tell her I honestly dont know or remember. So she thinks im going crazy or something (trust me so do I. second time this has happaned to me. The first time was a week ago and i ended up at the wharf.) so she has me under survaliance at her house. If anything else happens I will let you know. Im going to call Jade soon as well

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  1. I'm referring this to the others.

    Good thing Summer's watching you now.

    Stay safe.

    ~ Branwen