Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Jade told me she really had to talk to me which is weird because I never really talk to her outside of ghost busting. Anyways I agreeded to meet her at timmy hoes today. When I showed up she was acting a little weird. So as we were sitting there making small talk she was getting more antsy. Finally I asked her what it was she needed to talk to me about.
Jade; "some weird things have been happning Elizabeth, and I dont think anyone will even believe me. But I had to talk to somebody"

Me: "Well what is it Jade?" but I had a gut feeling I knew excatly what she was going to say

Jade well I was doing some research the other day on weird creature things for Dawn for the crypto department. When I happend to run across this......this.....uh slenderman thing. He like......well I dont want you to think im crazy but, the more you know about him the more power he has. I figured yeah ok, hes just some legend like somehting you tell your kids to scare them. But Elizabeth heres the thing, Ive seen him. I mean hes been right there and ive seen him where others couldnt.....i just dont know what to do at this point. And I know you think im crazy but he was there. Long arms, no face, really freakisly tall. And he has a way of always being there to scare the crap out of me"

Is it bad that I felt kind of relieved that now she knows about him? I feel bad because I dont want anyone to be involved with this. But now Im not alone. We have started to talk a little bit about what we are going to do with this all.

By the way I usually let my evidence sit before I listen to it. Theres something called developing playback. It just lets things develope more before you get everything. So I listened back to an evp from a couple of weeks ago. It was from me and summers mini adventrue. During the distortion (that I thought was my phone) You can hear "SHE SEES, SHE SEES ALL ALONE" it was a little creepy

But me and Jade have decieded to go on a little adventure on our own we want to

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  1. Whatever you do, be careful.

    And you should both start keeping time journals. I think that's...Liam's idea?

    Keep track of everything you do. That way you'll know when you've lost time.

    ~ Branwen